Why Inclusion is Necessary

Inclusion is good for everyone!

The are so many benefits to inclusion not only for children with special needs and their families, but
for all children.

Children learn from each other, that is why all parents push for socialization at any age, but partiularly when they are younger.

So besides the obvious reasons like developing the skills to make friends, peer role modeling, and more, why then is inclusion necessary?

  1. Because knowledge of any kind strengthens learning!
  2. Being able to be involved in a classroom conversation about current events, is a life skill that should be learned by all.
  3. Students with disabilities need to be in the classroom environment to learn about the subject. Hands on learning is easier to understand, especially when peer mentors are there to help and encourage the learning.

  1. Inclusion is a real-life scenario and all students benefit from learning and growing with each other. Differences of each other are more accepted when it’s done naturally.
  2. Inclusion helps to minimize the impact of a disability and maximize the opportunity to participate.

At the end of the day, these young minds are our future leaders – future employers and when they can see individuals with disabilities as abled, they will be more receptive when a person with a disabilitiy is asking for a job.

I think this image sums it up very nicely.

So parents when you are talking to your children about differences and playing with each other, or inviting kids to birthday parties, or even just going to the movies.  I hope you think of this image.

We all need to feel included and wanted!

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