Why I Feel Like The Worst Mom Ever and Why You Need An Evening Routine!

why i feel like the worst mom everWhy I Feel Like The Worst Mom Ever!

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I woke up this morning feeling so sick, that I just wanted to stay in bed. But you fellow Moms know that we just can’t do that, especially on a school day! Even though our bodies are telling us that we need to rest, we always put others in front of our own health.
The only upside was that my son got dressed and put his essential oils on all by himself.
But I know you are wondering, so why do you feel like the worst Mother?
Well let me tell you…
Today is Friday, and it was the day that my son’s class was celebrating Valentine’s Day.
Probably like most of you, when we got the note from their teacher about the party and was provided with the class list, we had our kids start filling out their cards early. Like you I didn’t want to be last minute Nelly and have him scramble to write them out this morning.
So he had picked out his Valentine’s Day cards and we had sat down to fill them out. All 27 of them! He worked really hard and when he was done, I put them in a bag with his name on them so they would be already to go this morning and placed them on my dining room table. Now keep in mind that was Friday of last week when we did this.
Now it was time to head to school, he got his coat on and grabbed his backpack and off we went.
As we normally do, we talk about the day and when he got to school I hugged him goodbye and said have a great Valentine’s Day party and headed home.
After I warmed my coffee, I sat down to my computer to check emails.  Then the door bell rang.  I was expecting someone at 10am.
But here’s where “Why I feel like the worst Mother” comes into play. As I sat there talking to her, I realized I forgot to pack my son’s Valentine’s Day cards in his backpack, and as I ran frantically to the dining room table, there they were, and not with him at school! My heart skipped a beat.
How could I have forgotten them when I just got done telling him to have a good party?
I told my friend I needed to run to school and I would be right back.
As I drove to school all I could think about, was how I just read the night before Day 2 of the 14 day course “Make Over Your Mornings” by Crystal Paine. I had just read the part where she talks about “your morning begins the night before”. 

Here is exactly what she says:

In many cases, hectic and disorganized mornings are a direct result of what is not happening the night before.

A successful morning begins with a successful before-bed routine. Now, before we begin looking at the routine that will best serve your family, let’s be clear about what an evening routine is decidedly not: it is not simply another opportunity to create a long and overwhelming to-do list. Rather, the goal is to logically (and intentionally) create a going-to-bed routine that allows you to wake up one step ahead, rather than ten steps behind, in the morning.

Just a short amount of prep time the night before has the potential of eliminating a boatload of decision-making in the morning — both for yourself and your family.
As I read this, I thought well I have one step down – my son’s clothes were already laid out in his weekly clothes organizer. But when I read further about how she writes down a short “to do” list for the following day, I thought well I need to give this a try. I always take a look at my calendar as far as the appointments go but I don’t really write down a “to do” list for that day.
If I had done this I can guarantee you I would not have forgotten about my son’s Valentine’s Day cards.
Well now I am prepared!
I had remembered about a “to do” list I had printed down awhile back that again I had not gotten the chance to utilize, well now is the time.
So when I got to school and embarrassingly told the secretary that I forgot my son’s Valentine’s Day cards, she smiled at me and said “don’t worry you were not the only one!”
Well thank goodness, I said “thank you now I feel better”. Now I feel better that I am not the only WORST MOTHER that forgets her child’s Valentine’s Day cards on the day of their party.
Well as I mentioned now I am prepared. I am prepared to include this beautiful checklist in my evening routine, that Crystal shares with us in this course.
Musings To Do List
I laminated it so all I need to do is use a dry erase marker to write things down, and just keep reusing it. (I apologize I don’t remember where I got this from so I can give the blogger credit!)
Not that I want to give myself MORE WORK, but doing this every night will really help me to prepare for my mornings, and get better prepared to have a successful morning.
If creating an evening routine helps me and my family have a less stressful, easy going morning, I am ready to try it.

Are you willing and ready to “Make Over Your Mornings?”


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