What Us Moms of Children With Down Syndrome Want You To Know


to learn new things with our help. That’s why we are not afraid to grab their hand and show them how, no matter their age!

We are their teachers, their therapists, their cheerleaders, their coaches and we will never stop showing them how to live their life with endless possibilities.

We don’t want your pity, just the same opportunities to let our children grow and learn in a world where limitations and labels are removed.

Is this life easy? Hell no, but so worth it.

So while we get excited on the sidelines at the smallest little things…join us!

We welcome your support, not your judgement!

Because you don’t now how much time and how many therapies it may have taken our child to walk, to be able to have the coordination, the strength to make that basket.

So let us relish in the moment. What may seem minuscule in your world is a milestone for us.

Join us as we celebrate our children. We love to have more cheerleaders on our team! 😁

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