True Happiness

welcome to motherhood

Congratulations welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood!


Whether you are a first time Mom or an old pro, a new adventure has begun.


As a first-time Mom, I was all consumed with what I wanted my idea of motherhood to look like. I envisioned my “happy, healthy” family on vacation, playing in the backyard, cheering on my son or daughters school activities, as we all do when we find out we are having a child, especially first-time Moms.


But all those ideas quickly vanished the moment I found out my son was born with a congenital heart defect. I couldn’t get past the idea of him having open heart surgery at 6 months old or having a scar on his chest.


Until the “real” news came when we discovered he had Down Syndrome.


Wow, now that was a wrecking ball we just got hit with!


Seriously, how does one prepare for being told your child will have special challenges? I was still dealing with the emotions from my son’s heart issues and all that would entail, now there is something else? Honestly, it was too much.


I really never got to experience the “true happiness” a mother feels when giving birth.


I never really bonded with my son, because we were dealing with a medical crisis that “happiness” was not the first emotion that came over me.

Even now that he is 12 years old, healthy and thriving. Even though we get to enjoy family vacations, swimming in our pool, cheering on my son at Special Olympics swim meets or watching him sing at school chorus recitals like I envisioned, I have never really found “my happiness“.


I am absolutely proud of him and love him more then words can say, but I am still trying to find myself that got lost in the world of Down Syndrome.


So I share this Happiness challenge with all Moms that lose themselves after giving birth. I challenge you to get back to you, your self-care, your happiness!

  • Give yourself grace, and honor yourself.
  • Slow down!
  • Take time for yourself, your family needs you. Don’t put yourself last.


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