This Is What We Learned Today….

This is what we learned today….

This is what we learned today
We had a great summer and Jacob has learned so much.   Happily though, there is more learning to be had because here in MA we don’t head back to school until September.
We just recently moved to MA from IN, so we are still unpacking, but I wanted to keep my son’s school skills sharp over the summer.  But I am still trying to get my house in order, so I have enlisted the help of a high school kid.  He has a sister who has Down syndrome and has also volunteered in the special education room tutoring other children with learning disabilities, so he has a lot of experience.  Plus I liked that he was a boy, loves basketball and could really connect with my son.
He wanted to help Jacob with some basic life skills like learning his phone #:
learning phone number
Please excuse the mess in my basement, did I mention we only moved here a month and a half ago.

He also worked on addition:
2015-08-06 15.07.38
Jacob did a great job on this activity and got them all right.

Do you work on anything with your kids over the summer?

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