Sunday I Had The Honor Of….

This past Sunday I had the honor of doing something I love, and that was to speak to other Mamas of children with Down Syndrome at a Women’s Motivational Tea.

It was a small, intimate group of women that wanted to be in a room with other Moms who are traveling on the same path in this journey called “motherhood”.

Mothers who wanted time for themselves, to share, cry, get inspired and just be heard.

As one of the mothers shared after the event, “her cup is full”!

It felt amazing because I felt so welcomed. I felt like I knew these women for years. I guess that’s what happens when women who are in a vulnerable position, just want to find the commonality between us.

A safe place with no judgement, just joy!

I love any opportunity to share my story with other Moms. To help encourage them to share theirs.

As a speaker, I provide Moms with the tools they need to share their voice as an advocate for their child. As well as help them realize that their health is not selfish, but necessary.

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