{Summer Fun} Keep Littles Ones Busy With Shaving Cream Art

shaving cream art-1
As summer is starting to get closer, we all start wondering how will we keep our little ones busy.  Of course there are camps, all different kinds (sports, drama, robotics) but they all cost money. So you start to Google summer activities on Pinterest. As you start considering different activities here is a fun, easy and cheap one for your little ones – shaving cream art.
My little guy and I loved this project so much, we did a few different pictures and I framed them as you can see above. I purchased the above frame from the Dollar Store.
All you will need for this project is of course:

I took a plastic plate turned it over and sprayed shaving cream in the circle. You want to try to keep the shaving cream contained as you have to push down with the paper.
Squeeze drops of food dye any colors any amount.
Get a plastic spatula or spoon, something to stir it together to create a design.
Push the white construction paper down on the shaving cream for a few seconds.
Pick it up and then wipe the excess cream off the paper. You want the food dye design to stain the paper.
Set it to dry and frame or make a key chain or ornament.
Here is a little video of what we did, enjoy!


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