Self-Care Tips for Special Needs Mothers

If you’re like most special needs moms, it’s nearly impossible to find time for yourself.  Taking care of your family, running everyone where they need to go, getting all the chores done and helping with homework seems to take all of your time.  But by taking care of yourself first, you will have more energy and patience for your family.
Try to enjoy at least a few minutes every day just for you. It will help you feel less stressed, tired and irritable.
These suggestions for self-care will help you find some quality time for yourself. You may not be able to do all of them, but they will help you recognize the need for self-care and may give you some other ideas.

  1.  Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is your body’s way of replenishing and recuperating from stress and illness.  When you don’t get your needed rest, you will be more susceptible to the viruses your children bring home and you will jeopardize your overall health.
Be intentional about your sleep and get to bed at a reasonable time every night.  Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. If you don’t get your rest, you will find it harder to get anything done the next day.

  1. Get out31 Days of Gratitude Journal {free} download.

Spend time with friends, take a class that interests you or go to a museum exhibit.  Just get out of the house and do something you can look forward to.  Enjoy some quality time away from your family.  It will help you feel refreshed and replenished.

  1. Schedule a spa day

You deserve to be pampered. Schedule a massage, facial, and/or hair appointment.  Let someone take care of you for a change.  When your body is relaxed, your mind will be too.  If you can’t afford a spa day, create one at home.  Lock the bathroom door and tell everyone to leave you alone.  Run a bubble bath, get a good book to enjoy in the tub, pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea, turn on some relaxing music and light some scented candles.  You may want to put a mask on your face to give yourself a facial at home.

  1. Join a group

Find a support group that you enjoy spending time with and enjoy something that is just for you.  Find a local wine-tasting group, book club or dinner club and make some new friends while enjoying quality time away from your family. 

  1. Put someone else in charge of dinner one night

One night a week, put your spouse or kids (if they’re old enough) in charge of planning dinner.  They can make something or take you out, as long as you don’t have to shop, cook and clean up.
When you take care of yourself, you will have more to give to your loved ones.  

What other ways can you think of that you can take care of yourself?  

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