Outdoor Activities For The Whole Family

Outdoor Activities For the Whole Family

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Summer is here It’s time to start planning your outdoor activities for this summer. Your first task should be to do a simple google search and see what things your city has to offer, there is no need to travel to have fun. Many people don’t realize the amount of activities that can be done right in their own hometown, or very nearby. Here are a few outdoor activities that can be done in almost any town or surrounding area.


Gardening can be done from the comfort of your own backyard. You won’t need a large space, five feet or so will do the trick for growing basic things such as herbs and veggies. Herbs can be started in the home, using something as simple as an egg carton. Start the seeds and once sprouted enough transplant them by taking the entire carton and placing it in the ground.
For veggies you can use the same process, but be sure that for things such as carrots that grow underground that you first remove them from the carton. Not only can this be done with the family, but it’s also a great learning experience for the kids about how things grow and how to take care of them, teaching them responsibility.

Zoo Outdoor Activities For the Whole Family

Learn about the wonders of the world through animals. Whether you have a small hometown zoo, a farm of sorts, or you live near a larger more populated zoo, take a trip there with the family this summer. Spend some quality time learning about the animals, their habitats and what the zoo workers do to take care of the animals. Some zoos even offer behind the scenes tours and activities throughout the summer months.

Farmers Markets

Most cities have a farmers market, full of crafters and fresh foods. This is the perfect place to take your children to teach them about money. Set a budget for a few things that you are looking for that day, for example tomatoes, carrots and peas, and allow them to find the best prices with you, pay the vendors, and have a neat little experience all of their own.
Farmers markets are also a good place to find live entertainment and children’s activities. (And don’t get me started on the delicious ethnic foods!) Make a day of it and end with a picnic! We love going to our farmers market. It’s really a great educational event, last year my son was learning about bees and how they make honey from the local beekeeper.


Picnics are a wonderful way to spend the afternoon as a family at the park. They are easy to set up and prep for and easy to cancel or reconfigure in case of rain or bad weather. Purchase your items at the farmers market in the morning and prep for a picnic in the park in the evening. Enjoy a nice relaxing family day this summer! Right now you can find the cutest seeds to bring with you to the park.51WKZi3mOQL

Drive In Movie Night

I know drive-ins are becoming extinct, we are fortunate to have one right down the street from us. But it’s not easy to take children to drive ins, they may get bored waiting because you want to go early to get a spot, they have to stay in the car or in a lawn chair by your car, so why not bring the drive in to your backyard?
When setting up your own backyard theater, you’ll need 4 key components:

  • Video Source: a laptop computer to play the DVD or maybe you saved a video to your computer already works well for this.
  • Video Projector: you can find some very cheap ones on Amazon

  • Sound System: some of your computers nowadays have some really great speakers, or you can always purchase portable speakers or use a Boom Box. I personally have this one which is a little more expensive $108, but it’s Bluetooth compatible so I use them on the beach and by the pool. They are easy and lightweight to carry but are really good.
  • Screen: this can be as simple as hanging a white from your garage or, putting posts in the back and filling buckets up with sand to help it stand up.

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