Must Haves For Your Child’s Remote Learning Space

School is back! A phrase that some parents are excited about, while others it brings anxiety on so many levels. Whether you have decided to send your child back to school in a brick and mortar sense, or you have chosen to continue with remote learning, I know the decision was not easy.

With all the of unknowns that are out there with this virus, there is a very good likelihood, that they will be home again in the fall if the virus spikes again. So although you may be thinking this doesn’t pertain to your family it very well may.

What I learned about working remotely this past school season, is that it is very important for the success of your child to have a dedicated work area for them. I know it can be hard if you have multiple children and don’t have the space to create a dedicated space, but here are some things that I have found that might make creating this space easier than you think.

Folding Desk

This folding desk is ideal when you have limited space to work with. Your child can use it during the day and then you can fold it away at any time. The best is that it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket. It’s less than $100!

Rolling Organizer Cart

This rolling cart is ideal, as your child can move their stuff from one room to another. If you have multiple children, each child can have a shelf. Keeping their work organized is going to be key so they can submit their work on time and they are prepared for the virtual class calls with their teachers. It’s less than $100!

Laminated Dry Erase Wall Calendar

This wall calendar was instrumental for us when we went remote in March. Putting this on our wall in my office where my son had his desk kept us both in the know. He was able to see what he had on each day and when I forgot what time a class was it was right there for us to look up and see. It’s less than $30.00

Hanging File Organizer

Giving your child the tools to stay organized this school year will be key. This hanging file folder will allow them to print any work down for assignments and keep them in one place. It’s less than $15.00!

Student Planner

As you can see I am all about trying to keep my child organized. If your child likes to write things down in a planner this is a great student planner for them to write down assignments or when teachers have office hours. It’s less than $15.00!


Wireless Headphones with Microphone

I just purchased these wireless headphones for my son. I noticed when he did remote learning this past school year from home, there was a lot of distractions from barking dogs, my husband on conference calls, and me listening to podcasts that really distracted him. So I hope that he will use these because I think this are critical for kids when they are doing remote learning from home. I also like the fact that there is a built in microphone without it showing. I know he would not wear them if there was a microphone sticking out the bottom. Less than $50.00!


Erasable Gel Ink Pens

I love using these erasable gel pens¬†they make taking notes much easier. My son usually uses pencils, but I would love him to start using pens, that’s why I love that they are erasable if he makes mistakes. Less than $10.00

And lastly if you have the ability to hang up some inspiration wall decor here are some ideas:

Motivational Kobe Bryant Wall Art

I currently have “school rules” on our wall by my son’s desk, because remote learning was new. But he is 14 years old and I need to treat him as such. So I really think I am going to purchase these motivational quotes from Kobe Bryant. He loves basketball and I always like to motivate him in the morning. Less than $20.00

Motivational Wall Decor for girls

These wall decor are great for teen girls. Just something for them to take a break and look up and get inspired. Working from home will be hard enough, so giving them something fun to see in front of them could be all they need. Less than $15.00

The most important thing to keep your sanity and to help your child be productive and successful in a remote learning environment is to treat it truly like school!

  • Keep your routines!
  • Follow a schedule!
  • Take breaks!
  • Make it as fun as possible!
  • Be involved!

Good luck and stay safe!

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