Moms I Know You Are Tired

Moms I know you are tired

Moms I know you are tired

Moms I know you are tired!

You are physically and emotionally drained. I know because I am feeling the same way!

But I want you to know….

  1. I see you constantly juggling appointments, therapy visits, school meetings and let’s not forget the household chores.
  2. I see you sitting in doctor or therapy waiting rooms when you know your friends are running their kids to ball fields or dance class.
  3. I see you on your phones researching and educating yourself on what might help your child.
  4. I see you cringe when you are at a family event and your family members start talking about milestones and that little Sammy started walking last week because you don’t want them to ask you when did your child.
  5. I see you! I know you feel invisible but you are not.

I know you are wondering how can I wake up and do this all again, but you have to.

Your family needs you….your child needs you to be strong!

And you ARE!

I want you to know that although others may not see that you are doing your best to give your child everything… I see you!

When you feel like you just can’t get out of bed! Give yourself grace! Tell yourself that you are a strong, determined woman.

What you do matters! It matters to your child, to your family and it matters to others.

And if today is one of those days that things went right and you are successful, know that I see you on these days as well, and I am clapping and smiling right there with you!

We are here for each other. We are a TRIBE! Don’t forget that.

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