Marla’s Mentions: Hallie Shermen, Speech Time Fun

So you know you have a great therapist when you watch her sharing all her tips and tricks with other therapists, so they can get the best from their students.
Even as a parent I love watching Hallie Sherman from Speech Time Fun (@speechtimefun) whose energy and smile are so contagious.
I would personally love my son to have a speech therapist like her. 🙂
You can catch her sharing tips at Speech Time Fun (@speechtimefun) or in her “traveling workshop” Speech Retreat (@speechretreat) where she has been going around the country providing professional development for school-based SLPs to keep them motivated and give them practical ideas they can use with their students.

This is an educator with sincere dedication to bringing out the best in students who are in need of speech therapy.
Thank you, Hallie, for all you do!
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