Marla’s Mentions: Born Just Right


What an amazing non-profit run by two amazing ladies. A mother/daughter team Jen and Jordan.


Let me tell you a little about what their non-profit is about: Born Just Right’s mission is to build creative solutions that help kids with differences live a more enjoyable life. We believe giving kids design and STEM knowledge empowers them to create their own solutions.


They are focused on three major outcomes:

1. Raise awareness about the power of design and STEM education.

2. Identify and support inclusive designers & brands.

3. Support and grow a community for kids and parents to help foster learning.


Kids who are born with differences have incredible potential to think outside the box. Born Just Right hopes to offer experiences, tips, and opportunities for our kids to grow up able, confident and creative.

They help and encourage children to come up with their own incredible design needs.

You need to check out the amazing work they are doing:



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