Marla Murasko Down Syndrome Speaker

Marla Murasko is an award winning Down Syndrome advocate, author, speaker, Facebook Live Talk Show Co-Host: Down Right Capable, Vice-President of their family run nonprofit Special & Determined and Mom of a child with Down Syndrome.

Marla is making an impact through her speaking and advocacy. She is creating an environment for change. She is driven to create a movement for acceptance and inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities, individuals like her son!

She also hopes that through her speaking, she can inspire and teach other mothers how to find their advocacy voice so they can better advocate for their child.

Possible Speaking Topics:

  • Finding Your Advocacy Voice
  • Don’t Let Advocacy Burnout Get The Best of You
  • How To Show Up As The Mom You Want To Be
  • Down Syndrome & Intellectual Disabilities (For Schools)

I would be happy to speak to you about customizing a presentation tailored to meet the needs of your audience.