Invited to Attend the National Down Syndrome Leadership Summit in DC

As you all know October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and what a month it was.  From celebrating amazing individuals like my son who are rocking an extra 21st chromosome to advocating for their rights with the National Down Syndrome Society at the first Leadership Summit with over 150 self-advocates like David DeSanctis, actor from “Where Hope Grows”, to Collette DiVitto from the famous Boston cookie company, parents and many more.

David DeSanctis and msyelf at NDSS Leadership Summit
Collette DiVitto and myself at NDSS Leadership Summit
On October 1-3, I was invited along with self-advocates, ambassadors and leaders all over the country to spread awareness and announce the new legislative campaign aimed at breaking down barriers to employment for all individuals with Down syndrome, called “Law Syndrome“.
As we traveled to our nation’s capital, we had a full schedule of learning about leadership in Gettysburg, tour the Capital building and then meeting our state and congressional representatives to share with them the laws that we would like them to support.
It was a whirlwind few days and I have to say I was exhausted, but it was an amazing experience doing what I love and that is advocating. I met so many new friends and learned so much, I hope to do it again.

Meeting with State Representative Joseph Kennedy III
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Brad Hennefer and myself at Captial
Pop up restaurant C21 staffed with individuals with Down Syndrome
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Congressman Pete Sessions
Touring the Capital

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