List of My Top Things I Bought To The Hospital For My Hysterectomy

So you might be asking, what got me to this point. Well after issues with fibroids the size of tennis balls, and heavy bleeding, here we are. I wasn’t worried about the reality of having a hysterectomy (not having any more babies), being 50 that was not in the picture for us. I was more worried about the recovery time and how I will be able to care for my family, especially my special needs son. But as my husband and talked, we realized if this is what needed to be done, we would figure it out. There really is no good time for a surgery of this magnitude because the recovery time can take months before you feel up to speed, but in looking at the calendar, I decided now was the best time so I can be good for spring break!
It’s literally 3 weeks since I had my surgery. This was me before I went in as they were starting to prep me for surgery.
You might be wondering what I have draped over me. It was the strangest thing, it was a heated blanket but literally, they attached it to a tube and it began blowing hot air in the blanket. I have been in a few surgeries but that was the first time seeing that.
As I lay there people talking to me about what to expect all I could think about was my son in the waiting room. My surgery was early so he and my husband dropped me off. I just really wanted to see him. So I kept watching the doors open to see if the nurse would bring him and my husband back, I did finally see her with him but she walked him somewhere. She called out to me “you don’t mind me taking your son do you?“. Not really knowing where she was taking him, I was assuming she was trying to keep him occupied so I said “no.” And then a few minutes later he walked by with her again holding this very large, plush teddy bear and wearing a very big smile. I was so thankful for the genuine kindness of the nurse to do that for him.
As I got closer to when I needed to head back, they brought my husband and son back to see me. I had an array of people sticking iv’s in and talking to my husband when I looked over to see my son starting to cry. He was getting so upset seeing his Mommy getting needles, so I had to interrupt my husband and tell him that it was time to take my son to school. As they kissed me goodbye they wheeled me back. School knew of my surgery for and took it really easy with my son that day, so he didn’t get all upset.
As I’m sure you can imagine I don’t really remember too much after I got in the room because they immediately give you medicine to knock you out.
The surgery was supposed to be laparoscopic with the DaVinci, but after getting in there the doctor realized he couldn’t manipulate the uterus because of my severe endometriosis, which was interesting when I found that out later because him and I never even discussed that. So they had to open me, which I really didn’t want because as you know that just adds more time to your recovery.
After getting out of surgery which I understand was over 2.5 hours because of the severity of the endometriosis which resulted in removing my left ovary and fallopian tube which again was not part of the initial plan, I finally came to and was just in excruciating pain. As I was recovering with a lot of pain meds, they were trying to locate a room for me in the surgical area, but couldn’t find any. Fortunately, they put me in the maternity ward, ironic right, but was I grateful. Why? Because the nurses were amazing and it was incredibly quiet, you wouldn’t think that but I was on the other side, so I think I only heard a baby like one time it was so quiet, such a great place for me to recover.
As I got settled in my family came, it was so great to see them. My son brought me the teddy bear back so he could keep me company. I loved it, I had a little part of him with me.
I was pretty well prepared for my stay, which again was only supposed to be one night but turned into two.

So here is my list of the top things you need to bring with you when going to the hospital for a hysterectomy:

  • Comfortable change of clothes to go home in that I could just hop into bed with
  • A belly binder, not knowing if the hospital was going to give me one I was ready
  • I bought cough drops but realized they didn’t do so much for me,  I had to ask for a stronger cough drop from the hospital because the tube in my throat during surgery really bothered me this time.
  • I had my glasses so I can order off the menu
  • My bullet journal and pencils to keep me busy
  • I brought my travel bag with deodorant, toothbrush/paste, hairbrush, hairspray, etc.
  • My phone charger (a must)
  • And I brought my very large shawl to wrap around me as I sat in the chair eating or just doing work. I loved it, kept me warm without having to put a heavy blanket on my shoulders.

So as I recover at home, the most important thing is rest but also getting up and walking around.

Besides that, you will need someone home to help you for at least two weeks, and it’s also great to have friends or family help you by making some dinners.I thought that was awesome because we got to enjoy some good meals that I know my hubby just couldn’t manage.

As I am only 3 weeks post op, I know that my recovery depends on me taking it easy and respecting my body when it’s telling me to rest, drinking a lot of water and some minimal exercise.
The other thing I wanted to share, was that I found an amazing and supportive Facebook group for women going in for hysterectomies or have had them done. I never realized how many women get them done. So here is the link group if you need them!

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