Welcome To Our Homeschooling and Special Needs Blog Tour

I am so happy you have taken the time to join us our our homeschooling and special needs blog tour.  We have 5 wonderfully knowledgeable and influential mom bloggers in the areas of homeschooling and special needs parenting.
homeschooling and special needs

Homeschooling and Special Needs

We have joined together to bring you freebies, friendship, encouragement and a community.  Each day one bloggers blog will be the “destination blog” for the day.  You are encouraged to visit each blog every day to see what freebies or resources they will be sharing with you.  Below is the schedule for the week:
August 11th – Katie, My Sweet Homeschool – http://www.mysweethomeschool.com/

Here is Katie’s post for the tour: http://www.musingsfromaspecialneedsmom.com/first-destination-blog-on-our-blog-tour-is-my-sweet-homeschool/

August 12th – Heather, Golden Reflections Blog – http://www.goldenreflectionsblog.com/

Here is Heather’s post for the tour: http://www.musingsfromaspecialneedsmom.com/2nd-stop-on-our-blog-tour-heather-greutman-from-golden-reflections-blog/

August 13th – Tabitha, Meet Penny, http://www.meetpenny.com/
August 14th – Margit, Gifted With ADD, http://giftedwithadd.com/
August 15th – Marla, Musings From A Special Needs Mom, http://www.musingsfromaspecialneedsmom.com
We are confident that you will find information or resources that will be valuable to your ventures in homeschooling and/or special needs parenting.
Do you homeschool?  Are you a special needs parent? If so, please make sure to share the information with friends and family.

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