Great Self-Control Book for Kids and Parents

Now that Labor Day is behind us and we are all in school mode, I wanted to share with all of you a great resource that I have been using with my son steps for self-control. We know that getting up in the morning can be difficult for all of us, but when your child struggles because of executive functioning issues, it can be even harder. So let me share this great resource with steps and tips for your child and things that parents can do to help your child be successful in the everyday tough stuff.

I purchased the book: “Self-Control To the Rescue” by Lauren Brukner. This book is to help children with simple steps and exercises that they can do to help them through tough stuff in everyday life.

I want to share the video I did with my son as we talked about the first chapter “Getting Ready in the Morning“.

I can’t wait to use this resource this year with Jacob, I hope it will help him work through some difficult situations that he has, especially from an executive functioning process!  I want to share it with his teachers as well, so they can use it throughout the day if needed.

Happy school year everyone!

2 thoughts on “Great Self-Control Book for Kids and Parents

  1. Rob says:

    Hello, nice to find you on here. I was going to ask if you supported dads too 😀.
    I’ll have a look around as we are also making a book about Elijah and Crumpet. Keep in touch, Rob (Crumpet) (Dad)

  2. mmurasko says:

    Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. Although I general support Moms with my messages, alot of my content anyone can use. Can’t wait to hear about your book!

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