Giving Our Kids The Tools To Learn To Cook Independently

Giving Our Kids The Tools To Learn To Cook Independently

As a Mom of a son age 13 years old with Down Syndrome, I am always thinking of ways to help him become more independent.

One of the areas of life skills that I want to start focusing on is “cooking”.

You can see in the video below we were just having fun making pizza, but now I want to focus on him making his own snack. So just in watching the video I realized I need to prepare the kitchen better for him with the visuals, putting the cheese in a bowl, so he doesn’t get frustrated.

Here are some topics that I want to be able to help my son start understanding, so that he can indepdendently cook for himself or others, and to be safe in the kitchen:

  • Understanding kitchen safety
  • Understanding cooking vocabulary
  • Identifying and using cooking tools
  • Reading and following a recipe
  • Meal planning

I love Teachers Pay Teachers for a variety of different educational worksheets and I have found that there are several different worksheets that have been created by educators that you can purchase to help walk your child through all of the topics above. See the example below:

Visuals are so important for my son and I like how these worksheets can walk him step by step through making Pizza bagels.

Here are some examples from Teachers Pay Teachers that you may be interested in:

Life Skills Reading Recipe Comprehension – BUNDLE!!!!! Units 1, 2, 3, and 4!!!

150 Kitchen Vocabulary Words for Special Education

What Do I Need? {meal prep, life skills, independence}

I hope that with these resources you can start teaching your child how to independently cook for themselves. You never know it may be something that they enjoy and want to have a career in.

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