Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

Getting Your Home Ready for Summer
Yay! Summer time is finally here! There are a few things that you can do to help prepare your home for summer and make your summer vacation the best that it can be as well as making it as convenient as you can both indoor and out.


Window screens should be cleaned. You will be opening the windows more often during the summer months, and that means that you want the best airflow possible. Open and freshen that air flow by cleaning your screens.
Cleaning the windows while you’re cleaning the screens will also be a good idea for good measure. It will also allow the most sunlight to come through, and that is always a good thing. You can clean the outside with these cool spray attachments to your hose.

Stock up on beverages

Especially if you have children, you will notice beverages such as juice and water being consumed much faster than usual. Many stores have sales on drinks this time of the year, and it’s a great time to stock up and fill the pantry.
Make sure everyone stays hydrated no matter where the summer takes you with these cool water bottles. And be sure to learn the signs of dehydration so you can stay safe.

Switch out the closets

The cold months are gone for a while, switch out those winter and fall clothes for the summer shorts and tank tops. This is also a great time to go through your clothes and make sure you still like everything, and that it all fits. Make a pile to go to your local charity, or host a clothing swap with your friends. It’s a great time to pare back the closet and freshen it up.

Organize the garage

The garage is about to get more use than it’s seen the past few months. Take the cars out and sweep out all the dirt and debris that’s been tracked in throughout the winter. Now is also a great time to organize the items that will be used most such as bikes, toys and gardening tools so that you can find them easier.
Getting your home ready for summer

Prep the fire pit and the grill

Summer usually means bon fires and grilling out!  Two things that many families enjoy! Be sure to prepare your fire pit, clean out the ashes that may still be there, prep the fire wood, and acquire your favorite s’mores treats.
For the grill, make sure that you have enough propane or charcoal and the tools ready for cleaning it after use. Also go over it and make sure that all parts are working properly.


If you enjoy hanging your clothes out on the line to dry, make sure that you test your line, fix any frayed ropes, and stock up on your clothespins that seem to disappear over the course of the summer. Keep track of all your clothespins with one of these handy holders and enjoy the savings on your electric or gas bill each month!

Get ready for bugs!

Summer means bugs, it’s inevitable! Get ready by prepping your home. Whether you use store bought sprays or homemade sprays from things like essential oils, you can begin to apply these things in your home as the bugs are sure to be around soon.

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