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Essential Oils

Here Is How I Became An “Oily” Mom!

As a blogger I follow a lot of fellow mom bloggers, and I noticed that a lot of them have been talking about essential oils, and how they are using them as alternatives to prescription medications to keep their families healthy.
As a mom we are always looking for ways to give our family a more natural, healthy lifestyle.  From eating organic, farm-fresh foods to using DIY chemical free cleaning products, we are always looking for a more natural way of living and staying healthy.  So it was only natural for me to become interested.
So I did some research and found a mom that I have been following for awhile, value her advice and decided to join.  I’m only wondering why I waited so long.

Young Living Everyday Essential Oils

People say that essential oils are expensive, but the wonderful thing is there are several different kits that you can choose from and work within your budget.  For me I’m an “all-in-kind-of-a-girl”, so I went for the Premium Starter Kit.  Plus I didn’t have a diffuser at home and in doing my research that is one of the ways to enjoy essential oils.


I highly recommend the Premium Kit {see the graphic above!} because it gets you the most bang for your buck! You receive the 10 Everyday Oils {that I shared above}, PLUS a 5ml Stress Away, PLUS a Roller Fitment which allows you to make any essential oil bottle a roll-on, PLUS 10 popular essential oils samples, PLUS 2 packs of Ningxia Red, PLUS a Home Diffuser!! That’s over $300 value for $150! Amazing! It’s the best deal of it’s kind.

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