Fun Water Balloon Games Take the Heat Out of Summer

No pool? No problem! Fill a couple dozen balloons with water from the hose, and you’ll be beating the summer heat in no time. Even better, add a few “rules” to create an engaging, entertaining game that will keep the kids occupied all day long.  Let the water balloon games begin!
5 Fun Water Balloon Games

5 Fun Water Balloon Games

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Even the Set Up Becomes a Game
No need to stand around waiting for all the balloons to be filled. Instead, make a game of it.
Give each child the same amount of water balloons and an outdoor faucet. The first to fill all their balloons is the winner. Once you have all the balloons filled you can use them to play other games or let the kids go wild tossing them at each other.
Big Balloon
In this game each child is given one balloon. When it’s his turn, the idea is to see how full he can make it without letting it pop. He can fill it as full as he likes, but if the balloon pops he is out of the game. The one with the largest balloon wins.
Balloon Toss
This game is always a hit. This works the best in pairs but if you have an odd number of children simply have them stand in a circle. At the beginning of the game, the kids will be very close to each other, but after each successful toss they should take one step backwards. Eventually someone will miss the balloon and it will break or the distance will be so great the force will break the balloon. Either way the end result is lots of wet fun!
Balloon Fight
This game is fun for older children. Set up barricades of some sort in a few different spaces around the playing area. Break the kids into teams and give each team the same amount of filled water balloons. On your go, let them see how many of the other team members they can get wet.
You could also set this up dodge-ball style. The teams face each other across the lawn from behind a barricade and try to get as many of their opponents wet as possible. When the balloons are gone, the team with the driest clothes wins.
Water Balloon Football
Just like in real football, the goal of this game is to get your ball across the goal line. But unlike the familiar pigskin, water balloons are a bit more fragile. While the offensive team is busy trying to protect their precious cargo, the defensive team does everything in their power to break the balloon.
In the end, the team that carried the most balloons to safety wins.
Whether you choose to organize a game, or just set each kid to fend for him or herself in an all-out water-balloon war, one thing is certain: water balloons are a fun way to beat the heat this summer. Best of all, mom will love the easy clean up after a day of water fun.

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