Fun Family Summertime Activities

amily summertime activities
Summer is finally here, the kids are out of school, the days are long, and the weather is warm. Getting outside as a family is enticing! Maybe you have a fun vacation planned or the kids are going to camp for a few days, but what about the rest of the summer? There are lots of days and nights to be filled with activities before it’s time to think about heading back to school.
These fun activities can be done as a family and will help you create wonderful family memories that you’ll hold dear all year long.
Outdoor Movie Night
Instead of camping out on the couch, how about the backyard instead? Hang a white sheet for the screen with a black sheet behind it to block any light coming from behind. Use rope or tension rods between trees then hang the sheets using shower curtain hooks with clips. Make sure you clip the bottom too so the sheet is drawn tight. Then show your favorite movie from your laptop using an LCD projector that you can rent from an AV company or borrow from a friend. Pillows and blankets make the ground a comfortable place to stretch out. For extra fun, make a popcorn bar with assorted toppings so everyone can make their favorite variety.
Ice Cream Sundae Bar
After a long day of playing outside or at the pool, nothing is better than a cold, delicious ice cream sundae. Provide a few different flavors along with great toppings like sprinkles, coconut, nuts, bacon, gummi bears, chocolate chips, cookie crumbles, and brownie bites. Don’t forget the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and caramel! Let the kids invite a few friends over and have a contest to see who can make the best sundae.
Scavenger Hunt
This is a great way to enjoy some family fun! Create a scavenger hunt for your local area. It can include locations downtown, at the park, the pool, or a local museum. Split into 2 teams and give both teams the same list. Then head out to see who can complete their list first. If the items are something you can take (like a rock from the park) or buy, bring them home. If not, take photos. The first team to get back home with all their items checked off wins. The losing team has to do the winning teams chores for a week!
Write a Play
Use your family’s creative talents to write a play. Again, split into 2 teams and have each team write a play to perform for the other team. Invite friends and other family members to participate if you need extra performers. Each team gets to review the other team’s performance.
Cookie Decorating Party
Summer sun is great, but a day of rain is sure to come so be prepared with an indoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Keep ingredients on hand for your favorite sugar cookie recipe and icing along with food coloring for icing colors and some decorating bags and tips. When the sun refuses to shine, you can spend a great day decorating (and eating!) your favorite cookies.
Summer is a great time to spend more time together as a family. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the moment and the quality time together, that’s what matters most.
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