First Destination Blog On our Blog Tour Is My Sweet Homeschool

Good morning hope everyone is doing well this rainy morning here in Indiana.  Thank you for taking the time to join us on our Homeschooling & Special Needs Blog Tour. During this week we will be visiting 5 amazing mom bloggers who are eager to share with you freebies, giveaways, and tips both about homeschooling and/or special needs.   blogtourbanners I was so excited to have arranged this group of women together right before school starts, as I know we all can use some helpful tips on getting ready for the school year even if you are looking to homeschool, or if you are taking your special needs child to school what tips we can all learn to help us make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. The purpose of this blog tour is not only to meet new bloggers, and yes entering giveaways are great as well.  But I see it more as a opportunity to create a new community for women/mothers.  Mothers who have wonderful tools to help those that are looking to start homeschooling or already are, but also special needs moms who are providing valuable resources and tips as well, to help transition their child into a new, happy and productive school year. So I ask that you continue following these bloggers after the blog tour as I know they will have such valuable information for anyone to be able to use throughout the school year and just in your personal life.

First Destination Blog On our Blog Tour Is My Sweet Homeschool

Is Katie Sullivan from My Sweet Homeschool. She is a M.S., SLP-CCC. This is her 7th year homeschooling.  She has twin sons with severe special needs due to birth trauma, and she has been a pediatric speech language pathologist for 19 years!

Today on the blog tour she is talking about “Traits of good and bad Speech-Language Pathologists” Please visit her link as this is a little bit about what she is talking about on her blog today:

I have been a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) for 19 years.  I am also the parent of two children with special needs who have received a total of 10 years of weekly speech therapy from other SLPs. In my career so far,  I have had the privilege to work beside and learn from some amazing SLP’s, both women and men. I have also had to work with SLPs who were, in my opinion, quite terrible. So how do you tell a good SLP from a bad SLP? It is not based on age (there are good SLPs who are young/old and bad SLP’s who are young/old) and it is not based solely on experience either. Here’s a few things that I look for when I receive/find/am looking for an SLP for my own two sons:

As my thank you for taking interest in our blog tour.  I will be giving a way a $25.00 prepaid Visa card to help with the beginning of your school year.  You must be 18 years or older to participate and you must have visited all the bloggers websites and liked their Facebook pages to qualify.

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