Finding "ME" Time In Your Busy Schedule

Time For Me Message Showing Personal Relaxation
Let’s talk about finding “ME” time in your busy schedule for yourself.  I know you are probably saying I would love to find time for myself, but how do I do that?
It requires you to put time on your calendar, block off an hour or two just for yourself. It’s important and you need to do this. Why? Your psyche, body and soul need this time to rejuvenate.
If you feel like you can’t and maybe you feel guilty that there is so much that needs to be done, guess what? I give you permission, yes consider your wish of “ME” time granted.  I have just allowed you time to care for yourself, however that suits you best.
Whether you are shopping in the stores during this crazy holiday season, take a few minutes to listen to the beautiful holiday music.  You may even want to start singing to yourself.
If your are at Barnes and Noble shopping for books or just getting gift cards, and you smell the wonderful aroma of coffee.  Find a table and enjoy a hot beverage. Maybe even pick up a magazine and take a few minutes to read it, I bet you don’t have much time to do that.
Take a hot bath, after you send your kids off to school!
Or how about this one, BLAST the music. Yep turn up the radio and dance around like no one is watching. I know if you are like me you might be telling your kids to turn down the TV or music, or maybe even telling your husband that. Well now that no one is home it’s your turn to CRANK it up.
Find ways to care for yourself. Keep reminding yourself that your needs must be valued and addressed. Remember your needs are more valuable if not the same then those that you care for.
have you hugged yourself
As the saying goes, “If you can’t take the time to care for yourself, how will you care for the ones you love and depend on you?”
You are amazing Moms, handling extraordinary  challenges. So please don’t forget that!  And take a few minutes each day to care and love yourself.
Every Wed, I have started Inspirational Reflections in my private Facebook group. A time to talk about self care, motivation and support.
Here is the video from last weeks chat:

I also want to share with you the document I referenced in my video “Self Compassion In Daily Life”. Take a mental inventory of how you are doing caring for yourself and what you can do better.

At the end of the day feel good knowing that you took care of yourself today!

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