Feel Good February #MiniSeries – Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

I mean exactly that.

When we are moms we spend so much time and money not only taking care of everyone else but making sure they have what they want and need. That again we forget to put our own needs up front.
You may be at a point in your life where your children are older. Or maybe they are in school, and for the past several years, you gave up your own career to stay at home to care for them. But now you are wanting something for yourself. Maybe you want to go back to work or start a hobby.

Guess what? You should do that.  Follow your dreams. Invest in yourself.

If you are like most parents of special needs children, money could be tight from the “out of pocket” expenses or the co-pays you need to pay.

But do some research.

After you find out what it is you want to pursue, discuss what it would mean financially for your family. Even if it’s only going back to work or school part-time don’t give up on your dream!
You need to fill your soul and mind.
You need to put yourself first because if you are like most Moms your own self-being, your own self-worth has been buried under years of being a caregiver.
It’s okay to feel excited about this new venture, I encourage you to explore what it would look like.
Maybe you will need to ask for help from family or neighbors like we discussed in future posts, but it’s time to start “investing in yourself“. I am afraid if you don’t you will start to feel withdrawn, feel unworthy and you need to acknowledge that your dreams mean something.

So let’s look at this:

  • maybe going back to school right now might not be feasible, but taking online classes might work.
  • maybe you can’t leave home to go back to work, well have you ever thought about working from home.
  • maybe you can even start a business that the whole family can be a part of.

I just encourage you to not give up on yourself and take the time to find out what will bring you fulfillment because you are worth it!

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