Feel Good February #MiniSeries – Inspire Yourself

As the saying goes “You ultimately are responsible for your own happiness!”

But let me ask you do you want to be happy or INSPIRED?
Let’s think about this for a moment. The key to our own happiness lies within us. It may have gotten buried along our journey of life. But just imagine you have exactly what it takes to unlock that and that’s through being inspired.

Let’s think about the way we feel when we are happy:

  • Loaded with expectations
  • We are focused on the “What”
  • Vulnerable
  • Tangible outcome

Now let’s think about how you feel when you are inspired:

  • Energized
  • Something that is attainable right now
  • Focused on the “Why”
  • Free of expectations

We all set goals and expectations of what we think will make us happy. For example, losing weight or finding a better job that we get so caught up in judging how or if we even got there, that we end up crushing our own self-esteem if we don’t reach that goal.
When you are inspired, you are so caught up in the moment. You are so present in what you are doing because it feels so good, that you don’t realize how much time you spent on what you were doing. For example: you spent all afternoon painting that picture because you were so inspired on how creative you felt painting it or you spent all day reorganizing that room freeing yourself of the junk that was suffocating you because we are connecting with our true self.

Look at inspiration at something that can recharge you! It brings positive energy, positive feelings.

Happiness comes from an outcome, I will be happy when I have more money. It’s conditional.
Inspiration comes from the why. Like when I drink this green smoothie I feel good about taking care of my body and it inspires me to make better decisions of what I put in my body.
We want so much to make others happy, again it’s the outcome because when you go out of your way to do something for someone you want it to be noticed.
But what would happen if you actually inspire someone today? You really don’t think about inspiring someone. If you are inspiring others it’s because you are doing what motivates you. It’s because you are doing what you love that others see it and naturally get attached to that.

So I encourage you to follow what inspires you, not what would make others happy!

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