#FashionOver45: What I Wore To Whole Foods

#fashionover45 what i wore to whole foods

 #FashionOver45 | What I Wore To Whole Foods

So my son’s pediatrician asked that we try him on a gluten free diet for 30 days, which I think is going to be very hard for him.  But I figured it couldn’t be that bad to find foods gluten free especially if I went to Whole Foods.
So I went on their website and started making a shopping list of the things I thought he would like.

What I’m Wearing: In this picture you see me wearing a white burnout shirt with an aqua shell under it with my Old Navy coral everyday khahi shorts with aqua anchors sewn it, as well as – yes my favorite Naturalizer sandals.
As my son and I experience Whole Foods for the first time, I have to say it was very overwhelming. whole food aisles They need to give you a tutorial on how to shop the aisles and what everything means.  I guess I should have been more prepared on how to read labels but we mustered through it.
Not really knowing what brands I like, the only label I was familiar with was Udi’s (that’s only because I met with the brand representative at Blogher last month).  Now one would have thought the breads would be easy to find, however, I didn’t know that Whole Foods stores them in the freezer section by the bakery.  Since it’s not made there they don’t want to cross contaminate, so they keep them separate.  Didn’t know that but now I do.  It truly was a learning experience and one that I think I need to do on my own, when I am more prepared.
But anyway, we purchased some items:
whole foods run
I heard of Honest Tea, so when I saw Honest Kids Apple Juice, I figured that would be great for my son to try.  So we got a case, and then I went for some Gluten Free Pantry and Glutino mixes.
So last night my son and I experienced what I call our first Gluten Free dinner.  We had ribeye steak (grassfeed) from Whole Foods, one would hope that for the price I paid for the steak the grass was 14K gold (ha, ha).  I marinated it with gluten free teriyaki sauce, we had salad, Udi’s dinner rolls and I purchased Earth Balance butter and shortening that I put in our Pasta roni.  So technically the pasta wasn’t Gluten Free except for the shortening I put in it.
It really wasn’t that bad.  I wasn’t sure how it was all going to taste, but we loved the Udi’s dinner rolls, so that was definitely a positive since we love bread.

Any help in finding great recipes or how to feel confident shopping gluten free would be greatly appreciated!


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