#FashionOver45: What I Wore To Meet A Sales Rep For Freedom Park

This morning I am meeting with a representative from Little Tikes to talk with us about our Freedom Park all inclusive playground initiative.  As a work at home mom, I find myself involved with a lot of charity/volunteering work.  So when I have meetings like this I like to look nice, but feel comfortable.  This casual outfit allows me to do just that, and still be able to go shopping and pick my son up from school.
freedom park
I’m wearing a Merona scoop neck cotton shirt – coral printed I purchased at Target for $7.00.  It’s so comfortable and is true to fit.  My skort is a few years old, it’s a St Johns’ Bay khaki skort.  I love it fits well and goes with everything.
I am also wearing my favorite Naturalizer sandals, and the “Simone” owl necklace by Tori Spelling.  You can see a better picture of it below.
This outfit is so comfortable, and this is such a versatile outfit.  If you wanted to dress it up to wear to work or if you had an evening business meeting.  Look at how quickly I transformed this casual outfit into a very comfortable business outfit.
business look full length up close on tori spelling necklace
All I did was get a black belt, a black business coat and pair of high black sandals, and this has changed the whole look of this outfit.  You were able to take two outfits and multipurpose them for two different looks, still remain comfortable while pulling off a very business like casual look for a very reasonable price.

What do you think of my two different outfits?

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