#FashionOver45: "How To Take Your Outfit From Day To Night"

Casual Look For Day Outfit for NightWhen you are always on the run, it may be hard to find time to go home to freshen up before you head out to dinner with your husband, drinks with your friends or maybe an evening appointment.
But here are a few simple steps for taking your casual day outfit into a night outfit.
1)  It’s All About The Accessories:
Many people are unaware of how a little accessory can completely change the look of an outfit.  Here you can see I added a black belt.
2)  Add A Jacket:  As you can see I added a nice black business jacket to give my casual outfit a polished, stylish look.
3) Bring Out Your Makeup: You want to have a natural, fresh look during the day or for work.  You can quickly turn your makeup from day into night by giving your eyes a smoky look, using a thicker liner and more pronounced lipstick.
4) Next Pump Up Those Heels:  Wearing lower more practical shoes during the day or for work is great.  But when it’s time to pump up your look, a pair of heels always does the trick.  Here you can see how a pair of black high sandals has just taken my casual look to a more stylish, “ready for the town” look.
Next time be ready for those nights out when you just can’t get home to freshen up!

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