{#fashionover45} Are You Wearing The Right Shaped Sunglasses?

There are a few things in your closet that you wear all year and sunglasses are one accessory that is a must no matter what the season.  We all love the perfect fitting sunglasses.  But getting the right pair of glasses is not only about the price or color…it’s about the right fit.  So have every wondered if you are wearing the right shaped sunglasses for your face?  Here is a quick guide to help you find your most flattering pair! And as a bonus, we’ve included a few of our favorite pairs under $10!
if your face is round

If you have a round shaped face…

Then you want a pair of sunglasses that will make your face appear longer. You want to look for glasses that have narrow frames. Avoid cat eye style glasses or frames that extend past the edges of your face.

if your face is square

If you have a square shaped face…

Most people with square shaped faces have larger foreheads which means that you can pull off the oversized glasses look. And pull it off well! You will want to avoid square shaped frames and look for more round frames instead.

if your face is heart

If you have a heart shaped face…

Heart shaped faces are wider around the forehead and narrow at the chin. Your glasses should be the same. Pick frames that are rounded, but wider at the top than at the bottom. Cat eye shaped glasses are very flattering for heart shaped faces.

if your face is oval

If you have an oval shaped face…

If you have an oval shaped face…lucky you! Your face shape will look good in any style frames! My advice to you is to have fun and mix it up! With inexpensive glasses like these, you can afford to test out different styles and find your favorites.

  • These cat eye glasses are hip and fun.
  • The 80’s are back with these frames. Choose your favorite colors and if you prefer mirrored lenses or not.

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