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Created by two passionate parents, who are creating a movement for change! So that society sees an individual with Down syndrome "capabilities" and not focus on their "disabilities!"
Highlighting the capabilities rather than the disabilities of individuals with Down syndrome.
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Welcome to the 2nd Season!!
Welcome to the 1st Season!!
Back To School For Your Child With Down Syndrome
As we begin the start of the school especially if you are starting a new school with all new IEP team members, it's important that the teachers and paraprofessionals or anyone that will be supporting your child "gets to know them first"
Don't View Our Kids Through A Deficit Based Lens
Schools and teachers have focused so long on our children's deficits, that it is hard for them to view our children any differently. We show you that if you at it with a strength-based approach, like turning a pyramid on it's head and having the bigger side first, that is the strength based view of our children.
What You Should Know About FBA's & BIP's
This is an informative video filled with great information for parents to learn more about FBA's (Functional Behavior Assessment) and a BIP (Behavior Improvement Plan).
Parent Advocacy - Navigating the Sea of Change
Have you recently moved to a new school district? Are you frustrated by the IEP process and struggling to get your child what they need? Check out our show with our guest Courtney Hansen from Inclusion Evolution as we talk about her advocacy journey moving to a new state and navigating the world of IEP law.
Great Line-Up of Guest Speakers on the Down Right Capable Show
Closing out 2018 and sharing our line-up of great guest speakers in the Down syndrome community for 2019.
Interview with Dr. Julie Causton on Best Practices for Inclusive Education
Cohosts Marla Murasko and Brian Herndon from the Down Right Capable Talk Show had the honor of interviewing Dr. Julie Causton, an expert in inclusive education.
Interview with Amy Allison on Fostering Independence
Our guest today is Amy Allison, Chief Operating Officer of the Kansas City Down Syndrome Guild talked to us about how we as parents can work with our school and community to help foster independence for our loved ones with Down Syndrome.
Tips and Tricks to Be Prepared for IEP Meetings
IEP (Individualized Educatioon Plan) for Special Education. For parents with children on IEP's being in the meetings, preparing for the meetings and feeling supported after these meetings can be frustrating, and overwhelming. We share our best tips and best practices to be a prepared advocate for your child with Down syndrome no matter the age of your loved one in these meetings.
How To Get Your Child With Down Syndrome Involved In Your Community
Tips and resources on how you can get your loved one with Down syndrome, no matter their age involved in their local community.
Interview with Phil Clark on Special Needs Financial Planning
The ENABLE comprehensive Special Needs Planning process helps you create an abundant life for your child TODAY. It also builds a future for your loved one that is unique and tailored to his or her own abilities, hopes, dreams, and goals.
Founded by two passionate parents of children with Down syndrome in Aug 2018
Marla Murasko is an award-winning Down Syndrome Advocate, Speaker, Influencer & Community Leader

She is creating an awareness platform that educates society on Down Syndrome, while creating a movement  for acceptance and inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities like her son!

Marla is making an impact through her speaking. She has spoken at the United Nations, Down Syndrome organizations, community forums and schools!
Dr. Brian Herndon is an Associate Professor of Education at John Brown University in NW Arkansas. He is a speaker, advocate, author, and, most importantly, a parent of a child with Down syndrome.

Brian is making an impact on the world of special education by ensuring that general education and special education pre-service teachers and current teachers are fully educated on the principles of IDEA.

He is also passionate about ensuring that parents and family members of children with Down syndrome are equipped and feel prepared to effectively advocate for their own children who receive special education services.
Down Right Capable Talk Show
The Down Right Capable Show is a Facebook Live Show that is helping to change the way others view Down syndrome, by highlighting the capabilities rather than the disabilities of individuals with Down syndrome.
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