DIY Projects to Do Over the Summer

DIY projects to do this summer

Summer is here!

Time to take advantage of the extra time you might have, as well as plenty of opportunities to work outside, and get projects done around the house. Check out some of these DIY projects that you can do this summer to spruce up your living spaces both indoor and out.

DIY projects to do this summer

New bookshelf

Create a new space by updating your bookshelves, especially if you have children. Create a reading nook using things like old palates, or old repurposed wood to make old spaces new and refreshed. Look into what kind of style you would like and let the kids join in while making it. Some wood, basic tools and a little hard work and you will have yourself a brand new furniture piece, and more storage!

beautiful bookshelf

New paint!

Would you like to make a room look new? Make it look like it was remodeled? Pick up some paint! No need to pay painters, or take weeks to renovate something, just switch up the color of the room. Colors can change atmospheres with ease, and without expensive materials. It can be done quickly, and if you don’t like the results you can always paint it back!

Or maybe you are tired of staring at those red bricks around your fireplace. Give your fireplace a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

paint brick fireplace


If you are looking to update your landscaping, try creating a garden area. You can plant things like veggies and herbs, as well as regular plants and certain fruits that grow well in your climate. To make it a larger scale project, try making a raised flower bed, or make some DIY edging, planters and plant markers. This one is fun for the whole family to participate in and will give you some delicious foods and gorgeous flowers. For the little ones, help them create a fairy garden using objects found in and around your home.  Planting a garden can be fun for your whole family!

plant a garden

Make a cinderblock creation

Cinderblocks are a universal and versatile item, especially when used outdoors. Paint the blocks to match your outdoor color scheme or design, and then get working on creating an outdoor masterpiece. You could make a bench using wood through the holes in the blocks, or you could make some raised flower beds, or even create a new table for your outdoor living space.

cinderblock bench


Make an outdoor mattress

By taking a bunch of old throw pillows and sewing them together, you can create an outdoor mattress or sitting area on the ground. Sew them together in a circle or a square fashion, and that’s it! You could also use pallets underneath it to make it raised off of the ground, or get creative and make a sort of outdoor couch. These are great for hanging out outside or for movie nights in the backyard. (They could come in handy while camping as well!)

outdoor bed


So before you head out to spend a ton of money check around to see what you might have already

  • paint
  • palettes
  • cinderblocks
  • old mattress or pillow

Make sure to get your family involved, it can be a lot of fun!

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