Day 4: Crystal Paine's "Make Over Your Morning" – Make Time For You Today

I have been doing Crystal Paine’s from Money Saving Mom’s Make Over Your Morning 14 day course.
Now I am only on Day 4, but I have seen such a change in my behaviors, the way I run my life, my mornings. Today she talks about “taking time for myself“. As a Mom we have children to care for, a home to manage, a husband to help, and maybe a business to run. There is never enough time in the day for you. Well today I am taking time for me.
I am going to the Boston Auto Show with She Buys Cars and Chevrolet. Now someone asked me “what does that have to do with special needs”, as I am a Down Syndrome Parent Influence and Special Needs Lifestyle Blogger, and my response was “I don’t know but I have always want to do something like this. I love cars and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity”.
Trust me it’s not the most ideal time to spend a whole day at a car show, as we leave tomorrow for Philadelphia for a family wedding and I haven’t packed yet, and my son starts basketball tonight, so my husband will need to leave work early to pick him up. But again this is for me. I will make it all work, just so I can take this time to enjoy this opportunity.
Day 4 talks about what motivates you to get up, but not to just get up, but get up early to get your day off on the right off.

So I ask you do you get up early?  What motivates you to start your day with joy and intention? How will you make over your morning?

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