Day 10: Create a Self-Care Routine

Day 10: Create a Self-Care Routine

So now is the perfect time to create a self-care routine. But here is what is important to know about creating a self-care routine.

  • you need to stick to it

  • you need to do something that you will enjoy. If you don’t like running then don’t make that as part of your routine
  • you will also need to schedule that time into your calendar
  • make sure that your family or businessworkers know that you have blocked this time off your calendar for “me time” because it’s essential to your overall well-being
  • don’t over do it, because the key is being consistent

Remember you don’t have to wait for Jan 1 to create a “self-care routine”. Starting now as the new season is upon us will only help you to enjoy the holidays even more!

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