Great Idea for a Children's Activity Bags for Travel or Going Out To Eat

Are you ready for long car trips or plane rides this summer?

Are you ready for long car trips or plane rides this summer?

Maybe you want to keep your child busy when you are out to eat or waiting for a doctors appointment and you want to keep them off the electronics.

I can’t take the credit for this idea, I found it at A Whimsicle Life.
However, what I added to my son’s children activity bags are my own ideas and are filled with things that he likes to do.
I purchased a travel cosmetic bag at Target. This black polka dotted bag is called Sonia Kashuk Always Organized Cosmetic Bag. It’s larger (Dimensions: 7 H x 1.5 W x 10 D).
Because this one is larger this activity bag will be used on car rides or on plane rides. It can fit nicely in my son’s carry on bag.
But because it’s larger it can hold more things like:

Crayons and markers.


Paints, stickers and a small pack of construction paper.


This was my Dollar Tree haul to fill the activity bag.

I loved the idea so much I purchased a smaller bag in the same brand a different color.
The purpose of this bag was to keep in my purse (I do carry larger purses) for when we go out to dinner or waiting at the doctor’s office.

But the stuff inside is pretty much the same stickers, books, Ocean Go Fish cards.

Here we are enjoying a good game of “Go Fish” as we wait for our dinner. I loved the idea of having this activity bag, so my son isn’t always watching movies on our phones.  We can do this together as a family, it can be more educational and overall good family fun.

Do you carry any kind of bag like this on your adventures?

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