Celebrating End Of Third Grade With His School Portfolio

So it’s the end of another year of school.  Third grade complete and moving on to fourth grade.
Where did the time go?

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I am so proud of Jacob’s resiliency to overcome new things in his life. He started 3rd grade in a new school, in a new town with all new teachers and friends.
We were concerned about his ability to transition over but he did wonderful. He really learned a lot in his new school, grew not only academically, but developmentally and socially.
Some of his accomplishments this year were:

Having a great relationship with the school staff that cared so much about him throughout the school year.


Got to experience Kenya Day with the Kenyan Elite Runners participating in the Boston Marathon.


Learned how to use his laptop to create his Johnny Appleseed presentation. Presented to parents of other students.


Developed some really great friendships!!!!!

Here he is sharing his 3rd grade portfolio with all of you:

I don’t know if you are like me, but I do try to keep some of his schoolwork throughout the year.  Here is what I use to help save some of the important papers and information from the year.
So proud of how well Jacob did this year. Despite all the changes he had to over come this school year, he still did such an amazing job.
It’s great to hear the teachers say they will miss him.

Eager to see what fourth grade has to bring us.

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