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Self-Care Tips for Special Needs Mothers

If you’re like most special needs moms, it’s nearly impossible to find time for yourself.  Taking care of your family, running everyone where they need to go, getting all the chores done and helping with homework seems to take all of your time.  But by taking care of yourself first, you will have more energy […]

Total Body Rejuvenation

Total Body Rejuvenation When movie stars and famous people are stressed out, they head for expensive spas to get pampered, nourished and refreshed. If your budget is more inclined towards a run in the park and a smoothie as a way to refresh, then you have to take charge of your own wellness. And really, […]

Finding "ME" Time In Your Busy Schedule

Let’s talk about finding “ME” time in your busy schedule for yourself.  I know you are probably saying I would love to find time for myself, but how do I do that? It requires you to put time on your calendar, block off an hour or two just for yourself. It’s important and you need […]

Embracing Happiness In The New Year

If you feel like you’re not living your full potential, it may be time to find more happiness in your life.  Being happier and more content with your life, leads to less stress and a more fulfilling life.  And what better time to find this than in the New Year? So I ask you are […]

Sneaking in Exercise When You Have Kids Onboard

EXERCISE! A word that many parents of special needs children don’t get enough of! Exercise is vital to each person’s good health. We need exercise to keep our blood running easily through our arteries and veins, to keep our weight at healthy levels and to help keep our stress levels down. Exercise also aids in […]

Venta Airwasher Review

Disclaimer: I was provided this Venta Airwasher for free of charge. All the opinions are my own. I wanted to share with you a wonderful product from Venta. It’s called the Venta Airwasher. I was first introduced to Venta back in October at the Type A Parent Conference. As a mother of child with special needs, […]