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Bonding With Your Special Needs Child

Bonding with your special needs child:  It might shock you to realize that the bonding process could be more important for the parents of a special needs child than for the child themselves. This is because the parents are in the midst of grief at the time the bonding is taking place.  It is important […]

A New Beginning As A Special Needs Mom

You’ve dealt with the shock.  You’ve understood the grief of unmet expectations.  You’ve conquered the resentment, the fear, the guilt, and you’ve bonded with your special needs child.  It’s been a long road up to this point, and yet you suddenly realize you’re just at the beginning! The stages of grief have run their course […]

{health} Getting Started With Essential Oils

  Here Is How I Became An “Oily” Mom! As a blogger I follow a lot of fellow mom bloggers, and I noticed that a lot of them have been talking about essential oils, and how they are using them as alternatives to prescription medications to keep their families healthy. As a mom we are […]

{inspiration} When You Think They Aren't Paying Attention

When you don’t think they are paying attention, they see everything you do! Attention Here is our photo of the day.  Jacob is peeking around from the tree and he caught my eye.  What a beautiful moment!  Kids are always watching you to see if you are watching them!  Make sure you really “see” them […]

What Do You Wear To An IEP Case Conference and How Do You Prepare?

The other day was my son’s annual IEP case conference.  As much as I really wanted to just show up in sweatpants, I thought it would be best to look like I was somewhat together.  Even though these are teachers and therapists that see me pick him up everyday from school in sweatpants.  Today I […]

Need a Visual Cue To Help Your Child Find Their "Spot"

Need a visual cue to help your child Sometimes we need a visual cue to help your child find their “spot” so I have created this video for that purpose.  I hope you find it helpful! Sharing my product review from my other business “SpecialMoms | A Special Needs Parenting Club” courtesy of My Spot by […]