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Fall Home Decor Roundup

  Sometimes it seems like as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas gets all the attention! But fall is far from over!! Here is a great roundup of budget-friendly fall decorations ideas to help get your home and table ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. From centerpieces to door decorations, we have you covered for fall decorations that even […]

Thanksgiving Day Children's Book Roundup

Thanksgiving Day Children’s Book We are in the season of being “Thankful”, and what a better way to help kids understand the meaning of being thankful then by reading to them. Here is a wonderful roundup from Amazon of children’s book that talk about Thankgiving Day. This would be perfect for all my homeschool friends […]

Where Love & Family Meet – LG Studio Kitchen at Best Buy

  I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for this post.  Thought expressed are my own. The kitchen where warmth and great smells are taking place. A place where love and family meet.  I love cooking for my family, it’s just unfortunate that they are very picky eaters, so […]

Back To School – School Lunch Essentials

Here are some of my favorite picks for “School Lunch Essentials”: 1) Good Lunch Bag: Discovery Lunch Bag by LL Bean – $19.95 Check out the reviews: “Bought two of these three years ago and cannot say enough good things about this lunch box….” “We’ve had this lunchbox & the matching backpack for 4 years now. […]

{education} This Is What We Learned Today…

This is what Jacob learned today: Jacob has learned so many great things with the help of his tutor.  So our summer is almost winding up. Jacob has had wonderful help from his friend and tutor, Matt. Yesterday and today they worked on addition using TouchMath and just doing basic writing to match the picture. […]

This Is What We Learned Today….

This is what we learned today…. We had a great summer and Jacob has learned so much.   Happily though, there is more learning to be had because here in MA we don’t head back to school until September. We just recently moved to MA from IN, so we are still unpacking, but I wanted to […]

Healthy Snacks to Bring to the Park

Creating healthy snacks that you can take on the go can sometimes be hard to come by. Prepackaged items are often times no good, filled with sugars, dyes and preservatives that are un-needed in the body. Making your own snacks and choosing things that are on the healthier side is easy with a little bit […]

Summertime Fun Linkup: Activities For The Kids

Here is a great list of summertime fun activities for kids who have nothing to do! There is nothing worse than hearing the words “I’m bored” coming from the kids. Once school is out and the long days of summer have finally settled in you may find yourself searching for activities to keep those dreaded […]

5 Tips for Visiting Disney World With Dietary Restrictions

We have put together 5 tips for traveling to Disney World with dietary restrictions because visiting Disney World can be an exciting vacation destination for any family, but when you have to deal with dietary restrictions there are some special considerations. Disney has over 135 restaurants on site that provide options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, […]

Ways To Enjoy Local Events With Your Child With Special Needs

There are so many wonderful local events  that you can turn into “day” trips that you can take with your child with special needs.  A lot of them are right in your backyard. Farmers Markets A great way to spend a Saturday morning is head to your local farmers market. Not only do you get […]