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Five Meals That Are Quick and Tasty for the Whole Family

Every day is hectic and the weeks fly by. You want to feed your family well, but you have no time to spend hours in the kitchen. How are you going to give your family healthy, tasty meals and avoid bringing home fast food for dinner? Here are five meals that are quick and tasty […]

Teaching Your Kids To Be Good People

Teaching Your Kids to Be Good People Part of being a good parent is teaching your kids to be good people, and the best way to do this is by setting a “good” example. When your kids see that you are doing the things that “good people” do, they will automatically catch on. You don’t […]

"Bake For Family Fun Month" – Teaching Cooking To Children With Special Needs

Teaching Cooking To Children With Special Needs   We are still sharing “Bake For Family Fun Month” in February and today we want to talk about how we can help our children with special needs learn the skills of cooking, so they learn to become more independent in the future.  Teaching cooking to children with […]

Home Organization 101: Easy Steps to a Clutter Free Home

Home Organization 101: Easy Steps to a Clutter Free Home When you first move into your home it seems like you have so much space.  As the years pass, you might find yourself becoming a pack rat.  What are you going to do with all the stuff you have accumulated?  Perhaps it’s time to weed […]

Why I Feel Like The Worst Mom Ever and Why You Need An Evening Routine!

Why I Feel Like The Worst Mom Ever! I woke up this morning feeling so sick, that I just wanted to stay in bed. But you fellow Moms know that we just can’t do that, especially on a school day! Even though our bodies are telling us that we need to rest, we always put others in […]

How To Help Your Family Embrace Your Child's Disability

How To Help Your Family Embrace Your Child’s Disability Hearing those words “your child may have some disabilities as they grow up” or “your child may have special challenges as they grow older”, is just not what parents want to hear when their child is first born, I know I heard something similar when my son […]

"Bake For Family Fun Month" – Creating Baking Memories

“Bake for Family Fun Month” is a celebration created by the Home Baking Association. The idea of this celebratory month is to encourage families to get together, spend time as a family in the kitchen baking and having fun. Baking is a great and inexpensive way for parents to teach their children life skills. For […]

Sneaking in Exercise When You Have Kids Onboard

EXERCISE! A word that many parents of special needs children don’t get enough of! Exercise is vital to each person’s good health. We need exercise to keep our blood running easily through our arteries and veins, to keep our weight at healthy levels and to help keep our stress levels down. Exercise also aids in […]

Day 4: Crystal Paine's "Make Over Your Morning" – Make Time For You Today

I have been doing Crystal Paine’s from Money Saving Mom’s “Make Over Your Morning“ 14 day course.   Now I am only on Day 4, but I have seen such a change in my behaviors, the way I run my life, my mornings. Today she talks about “taking time for myself“. As a Mom we […]