Day 7: I Have Everything I Need

Day 7: I Have Everything I Need At This Moment Sometimes the way we talk to ourselves can set the tone for how we view our life. If we are negative about what we do or don’t do, or the way we look or don’t look can really set the path for your outlook on […]

Day 6: Be Intentional & Set Goals

Day 6: Be Intentional & Set Goals Take some time to sit down and write out what goals you either want to accomplish before the end of the year or for next year. Maybe you want to organize all of your holiday decorations after the holidays. Well, purchase the organizers, tape, and markers now so […]

Day 5: Getting Clarity in Your Life

Day 5: Getting Clarity In Your Life It’s always a good to spend some time to get clarity in your life. To reevaluate what is most important to you. What will make you a happier, more fulfilled person. You hear a lot of people talking about “being intentional in their life”. So what is the […]

Day 4: Take Time To Be Proud

Day 4: Take Time To Reflect On What You Have and Be Proud! Rarely do we ever give ourselves credit for anything that we have done. So I challenge you to take some time to reflect back on all the things you have accomplished from something small to a great accomplishment. Whether it’s the fact […]

Day 3: Slow Down!

Day 3: Slow Down! Moms we are in the busiest season, and for the next few months you will find yourself in overdrive. Between the holiday shopping, holiday preparations, parties, baking and so on! You will definitely run yourself ragged if you do not find time to “SLOW DOWN”. You want to enjoy your holidays, […]

Day 2: Today I Am ENOUGH

Today I Am ENOUGH! How many of you sabotage your own believe that you are not enough? You are not a good mother? You are not a good friend or sister? Or do you find yourself saying things like “if I only put my son or daughter to sleep earlier, they would have had a […]

Day 1: Give Yourself Grace

Day 1: Give Yourself Grace “Perfect Doesn’t Always Equal Worth” by Emily Ley In Emily Ley’s book, “Grace not Perfection” in her first chapter she talks about trying to be the “perfect” Mother, the “perfect” wife, the “perfect” friend. Why are we running ourselves ragged to be perfect. I feel like mothers of children with […]

14 Days of Loving Yourself

      All You Need Is Love A popular song in the 1960’s by the band The Beatles, The chorus would repeat the lyrics, “All you need is love. Love is all you need”. I share this with you because this is going to be your theme song for the next 14 days. With […]

So How Bold Are You?

how bold are you

So, ladies, that’s the question…#HowBoldAreYou? I saw this campaign from Chico’s in my O Magazine and I LOVED it. A great marketing campaign has the ability to make you think about how it relates to yourself. For me looking at that hashtag I instantly thought of my advocacy work. For me being BOLD is being vulnerable and […]

You Won’t Believe What Happened!

Times Square Picture for NDSS

I am so excited to share that our family photo was chosen this year to be a part of the National Down Syndrome Society Times Square video that kicks off October, which is Down Syndrome Awareness month. Our photo was selected from more than 2,400 entries, and almost 500 photos were displayed in the heart […]