#FashionOver45: What I Wore To Meet A Sales Rep For Freedom Park

This morning I am meeting with a representative from Little Tikes to talk with us about our Freedom Park all inclusive playground initiative.  As a work at home mom, I find myself involved with a lot of charity/volunteering work.  So when I have meetings like this I like to look nice, but feel comfortable.  This […]

#FashionOver45: What I Wore To Whole Foods

 #FashionOver45 | What I Wore To Whole Foods So my son’s pediatrician asked that we try him on a gluten free diet for 30 days, which I think is going to be very hard for him.  But I figured it couldn’t be that bad to find foods gluten free especially if I went to Whole […]

#FashionOver45: What I Wore To My United Way Meeting

#FasionOver45 | What I Wore To My United Way Meeting So this morning I had two different meetings for the United Way.  I have done some work for them in the past and since my husband sits on the board he has asked me to come in and join him on a Marketing/Social Media committee. […]

#FashionOver45: What I Wore On My Errands For My Fundraiser

Today is Fundraiser Day!  So this morning has already been a busy morning.  Went and dropped my son off at school. (Which he was looking so cool, he had his teal stripped tshirt on from Ralph Lauren).  I guess it was a Ralph Lauren morning.  But after I helped his classroom with tornado drills and […]

#FashionOver45 | What I Wore To My Son's First Day of School

Fashion Over 45 Ok Moms, if you are anything like me you to start envision and put together outfits for your children’s first day of school the week before.  You want the right outfit for those first day of school pictures. I started gathering and ironing his outfits the other day because it had to be […]

What Do You Wear To An IEP Case Conference and How Do You Prepare?

The other day was my son’s annual IEP case conference.  As much as I really wanted to just show up in sweatpants, I thought it would be best to look like I was somewhat together.  Even though these are teachers and therapists that see me pick him up everyday from school in sweatpants.  Today I […]

Need a Visual Cue To Help Your Child Find Their "Spot"

Need a visual cue to help your child Sometimes we need a visual cue to help your child find their “spot” so I have created this video for that purpose.  I hope you find it helpful! Sharing my product review from my other business “SpecialMoms | A Special Needs Parenting Club” courtesy of My Spot by […]