Anything Which Is Meaningful Takes Time

I am sure a lot of you watched “My Octopus Teacher” at least one time in the 9 months, but let me share with you my interpretation on one of the aspects of the movie, and that is “that anything which is meaningful takes time“. In the movie Craig Foster who produced the movie, took […]

5 Questions Parents Are Asking About Finding Their Child With Down Syndrome A Job

What’s going to happen when school is over? The most important thing for your child is to have a vision. A vision that you and them both talk about and agree to.  Your child can attend college, vocational or trade school, receive job coaching/training, get a job, volunteer, own their own business. Here are some statements […]

Must Haves For Your Child’s Remote Learning Space

School is back! A phrase that some parents are excited about, while others it brings anxiety on so many levels. Whether you have decided to send your child back to school in a brick and mortar sense, or you have chosen to continue with remote learning, I know the decision was not easy. With all […]

A Work In Progress

I begin my days with some reflection and I have been reading the devotional book “Closer to God Each Day” by Joyce Meyers. Today the devotional was all about “work in progress”, and in the reading it mentions that “God is only expecting us to do the best we can. He is not expecting us […]

How To Shift Your Perspective In A Crisis

There is no doubt that we are in a season of rough seas ahead of us, and how we navigate through them all depends on our perspective. Friends, we are in unprecendented times; people are losing loved ones; losing jobs; we are quarantined in our houses away from loved ones and friends; dealing with our own […]

Fun Family Activities During School Closures

I created this summer family fun bucket list a few years ago, but thought I would share it with you all during this time of school closures. As you are trying to find fun things to keep your children activity during the next few months, I wanted to share some of these fun activities that […]

Free Educational Resources During School Closures

During these uncertain times when schools and businesses are closed and families are having to adjust to a new normalcy of educating their children at home and online, I wanted to share with you some FREE educational resources that are online or are waiving memberships or subscriptions for several months. I hope to keep adding […]

Have You Heard About My Talk Show?

When I started out as a Down Syndrome Advocate over 8+ years ago, I honestly never knew that my advocacy journey would have gotten me to this point. I never could have imagined that I would have a talk show! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Since starting out on my journey of advocating, speaking and educating others, I have […]

Have You Considered Creating “Couples Goals” for 2020?

Well the new decade has begun, and if you are like a lot of people you write down goals for the new year. Whether they are personal or business related people want something to strive for in 2020. I personally haven’t gotten to my business goals yet, because I want to make sure that I […]

Why Inclusion is Necessary

Inclusion is good for everyone! The are so many benefits to inclusion not only for children with special needs and their families, but for all children. Children learn from each other, that is why all parents push for socialization at any age, but partiularly when they are younger. So besides the obvious reasons like developing […]