Congratulations Mom – Welcome to the Wonderful World of Motherhood!

congratulations welcome to motherhood

As a first-time Mom, I was all consumed with what I wanted my idea of motherhood to look like. I envisioned my “happy, healthy” family on vacation, playing in the backyard, cheering on my son or daughters school activities, as we all do when we find out we are having a child, especially first-time Moms. […]

Sunday I Had The Honor Of….

This past Sunday I had the honor of doing something I love, and that was to speak to other Mamas of children with Down Syndrome at a Women’s Motivational Tea. It was a small, intimate group of women that wanted to be in a room with other Moms who are traveling on the same path […]

Today I Forgive Myself For My Sadness

Today, I find myself in a dark place, a place filled with sadness, frustration, anger and pain! So today, I forgive myself for my sadness! Special Needs Mamas I wrote this for you, for us…FOR ME! Where do I go from here? I can’t seem to find the right words, the right path to help […]

Moving Past the Guilt as A Down Syndrome Mom

I feel this very way right now. As we are working through my son’s IEP and I am reading progress reports. I am sitting here questioning what if I spent more time encouraging my son to read, what if I spent more time doing math problems with him, what if I spent more time playing […]


On March 6th, my son and I along with other self-advocates and families walked on Capitol Hill to advocate for the human rights of all individuals with Down Syndrome and shared with our state legislators why certain bills were important to us. You can find out more about those legislative bills by visiting the National Down Syndrome […]

Day 14: Create Your “Happy” Playlist

Day 14: Create Your “Happy” Playlist and Play It Often So here is Day 14 of “14 Days of Loving Yourself”, and we are talking all about your “Happy” playlist. Yep you know that playlist of the 80’s music (well that is what’s on mine). The music you play when truly no one is around […]

Day 13: Say Yes To Something You Want To Do

Day 13: Say Yes To Something You Want To Do How many times a day do you find yourself doing something that someone else wants to do? Maybe it’s your child or your spouse, maybe it’s your family or a friend. Always saying “yes” to others isn’t allowing your cup to get filled. We need […]

Day 12: Rekindle an Old Friendship

Day 12: Rekindle an Old Friendship Childhood frienships are really hard to maintain, especially if you move out of state, get married and have children. With this season of gratitude and love, it’s a perfect time to rekindle and old friendship. It may sound scary to reach out to an old friend you haven’t spoken […]

Day 11: Getting Rid of the Brain Dump

Day 11: Getting Rid of the Brain Dump Our minds are constantly going that of course there is no room for anything new. We have to clear the clutter from our brain. We find ourselves constantly thinking of new things like what to make for dinner I need to schedule that doctor’s appointment I need […]