Benefits to Morning & Evening Routines for Special Needs Children

So summer has begun, do you still keep your routines with your children? Go to the bottom for the free printables!!
I think summer is the best time to keep with your morning and evening routines, the days are a little more lax with school not in session. It’s also a great time to start new routines.

Morning Routine for Special Needs Kids
Checking Off His Morning Routine
But there are benefits to keeping routines for children with special needs, and they are:

  • Making them feel safe, in a predictable home environment when things are a little stressful. Children with special needs have a hard time understanding time.  However, when events happen in the same order every day, they have a better understanding of their world
  • Keeping them organized, helping them to get on a schedule (especially if your child is on medicine, knowing that it’s part of their routine and when to take it). Routines can so important during a stressful time of the day. If your child has a hard time getting their day going, a routine can help with that. If your child is like mine who has some difficulty winding down at the end of the day, having a good visual to help him through the steps of getting ready for bed can be so beneficial. Having an alarm clock that can help them know when it’s time to get up or go to bed can help as well. Such as this one:


  • Knowing what to expect, so they know what is expected of them if they have therapy that day
  • Making them feel successful, giving them rewards and praise for doing what is on their schedule helps to build their confidence
  • Building independence, allowing them to be successful at doing something themselves helps them in the long run with building life skills
Morning Routine Packing Lunch
Packing His Own Lunch
I would love to share with you the morning printable and evening printables that I use with my son.
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Benefits to Morning & Evening Routines for Special Needs Children

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