"Bake For Family Fun Month" – Creating Baking Memories

"Bake for Family Fun Month" is a celebration created by the Home Baking Association.

“Bake for Family Fun Month” is a celebration created by the Home Baking Association.

The idea of this celebratory month is to encourage families to get together, spend time as a family in the kitchen baking and having fun.
Baking is a great and inexpensive way for parents to teach their children life skills.
For a mother of a child with special needs, teaching them how to cook, life skills with the intention of making them as independent as possible is every special needs parents wish.
Just like a lot of children, my son loves to help me in the kitchen. So I thought it would be cute for him to have his own Chef outfit, and when I saw this one from Melissa and Doug I just knew it was perfect.
2015-01-07 16.29.40
He couldn’t wait to put it on and start baking.

Please share with us how you are “creating memories” in your kitchen, baking with your family? Use #createbakingmemories2016 and share your little ones having fun baking with you.

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