Back To School Tips for A Good Start to the School Year

It’s “Back To School” season, and we all want to start the year off on a good foot, so how can we do that?

Here are some great tips for a great start to your school year:

  • Start Routine Early
    Some kids can handle getting back to the “school routine” just a week or so before school starts. However, we have found that with our son, it is important to first tell him that we are going to switch the routine. We usually do this two weeks before school starts. We talk about it – and what the change means. Bedtime, setting out school clothes, the works. Then, one week before school starts, we actually start the new routine.  We also have a calendar in his room that has the “first day of school” on it.
  • Meet The Teachers
    Some schools have a “meet the teacher” day, but what we have done is contact his counselor prior to school to setup time to meet the new teachers or ask for their names/emails and contact them personally before school starts. So we can meet the new teachers, as well as giving our son time to see his new classroom.
  • Update The IEP
    Make sure you re-read your child’s IEP, in fact it would be geat to see if you can schedule an IEP team meeting, so that if there are any new members on the team everyone can learn about your child right from the start

    • you can update everyone on what happened over the summer
    • hear your vision for what you want your child to accomplish this year
    • make sure that everyone is familiar with the services and accommodations that will be made for your child for the school year.
  • Talk To Your Child
    It is important to talk to your child about the new year starting.

    • ask them if they have any questions, or fears
    • make sure they understand your expectations of them
    • they know any before and after school routines that they need to be aware of like after-school care, babysitter and who is picking them up if they don’t ride the bus
    • if your child is old enough to have a phone, make sure that they understand what it used for, how to use it and they now where to find important contacts.

School can be scary for a child with special challenges and the parents, but it doesn’t have to be. With clear communication, eveyone on the same page and willing to do what it takes to make it a happy, successful school year it can be great!

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