Back To School – School Lunch Essentials

school lunch essentials
Here are some of my favorite picks for “School Lunch Essentials”:
1) Good Lunch Bag: Discovery Lunch Bag by LL Bean – $19.95
Check out the reviews:

Bought two of these three years ago and cannot say enough good things about this lunch box….”
“We’ve had this lunchbox & the matching backpack for 4 years now. Incredibly well made!”

This may be a little costly but it’s worth it. The quality is amazing. My son has the matching backpack from last year and it still looks brand new. Didn’t have to buy him a new one this year.
2) Bento Box:  love these bento boxes, they are easy to clean this one has 3 different compartments, the one I got for my son last year had 2 and was not easy to use for “everyday” lunches.  This gives me more options to put his lunch, snacks, fruit and more in.
3) Silicone Baking Cups (square):  these reusable cups are great for fruits, snacks and more!
4) Silicone Baking Cups (rectangular): these are the rectangular ones.
5) Soup Container:   I am so excited about this Lunch Bots soup container for my son. It fits perfectly in the lunch bag with room for a drink and a snack (crackers, etc).  The one we used last year was older and didn’t keep his soup warm.
6) Slim Cool Packs: these slim cooler packs will fit perfectly in the inside pocket of his Discovery Lunch bag without being bulky.
7) FunBites Food Cutters:  these square food cutters are perfect for small bites of food. If you want to cut small pieces of cheese or fruit for your child’s lunch bag these are perfect.
So we are all set for school, what are some of your favorite picks for school lunch essentials?
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