Anything Which Is Meaningful Takes Time

I am sure a lot of you watched “My Octopus Teacher” at least one time in the 9 months, but let me share with you my interpretation on one of the aspects of the movie, and that is that anything which is meaningful takes time“.

In the movie Craig Foster who produced the movie, took his time and learned about the octopus he encountered one day during a free dive. In the documentary he shares his mental well-being, how he was burnt out and just needed to take time off to reset. He explains why he never wore a wet suit in often 46 degree waters.“You feel alive, you feel awake, you feel stimulated.”

Everyday when he entered the water, he learned more about the octopus’ habits and movements. She began to trust him and together they formed a relationship built on trust and admiration for each other.

I looked at this as learning a new skill. You don’t need to be great at something or even know how to do it at all to be excited to want to learn more! That is how I looked at it when I became a Seint Beauty Makeup Artist. Yes I loved makeup and I knew how to wear it, but I needed to learn a new way to “apply” it, so it would enhance my natural “mature” skin. See, I am not getting any younger, so I needed to learn how to apply makeup differently, this excited me and I wanted to share this knowledge with other women in my season of life.

My old routine of applying makeup was not fun anymore, it become to mundane and I wanted something different, something that excited me, something that made me feel alive and beautiful again and I found that through Seint Beauty!

I craved the need to find a connection to other Moms. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE my hard-working, amazing, dedicated Moms of the Down syndrome community and what I learned quickly was that a good portion of the women I was meeting in Seint Beauty, were these very Moms. Women who wanted more for their lives. Hard working mothers who were building businesses from home, alongside a sisterhood of women who were becoming best friends. Building an admiration and respect for each other, all while contributing to the finances of their homes. What I am also learning and seeing is that these women are happier and more confident women.. so why wouldn’t I want some of that? Why wouldn’t I get over my own fears and doubts and become one of them?

So the moral of this story is, that if you are curious or intrigued about something, whether it be learning more about the makeup or jumping right in and learning more about Seint Beauty Artist Program, starting a new hobby or a new job for that matter. Learn about it, ask questions and jump in! Be the creator of your visionary life! Don’t wait for others to create it for you, because it may never happen.

Know that anything takes times and with some hard work and dedication you can have the life you dreamed. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but if you want it it to can happen!

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