A Work In Progress

I begin my days with some reflection and I have been reading the devotional book “Closer to God Each Day” by Joyce Meyers. Today the devotional was all about “work in progress”, and in the reading it mentions that “God is only expecting us to do the best we can. He is not expecting us to be perfect.”

As we begin week six of quarantine because of COVID-19 and the stay home order with school closed, I get excited for a new week of teaching my son. I have gotten into a routine that I not only plan out the work that the school gives us, but I am committed to teaching my son more. Trying to see progress in his work from my own lessons.

Last week, I found the pictures cards that I used when he was a baby to help him with sign language, they were similar to these cards. I had looked at them for weeks, and it finally clicked what I could do with them. I could use them for inferencing or predicting an so much. 

So I got to work planning out what that session would look like for him, and I was excited to see how well he did. It was great to see him answering “wh” questions, expanding his sentences and using a lot of words to tell a story about the one picture card. I felt accomplished, the lesson went well.


My next goal is to help improve my sons’ reading level and comprehension. So I purchased these Level 2 reading chapter books from Amazon, and started creating a reading comprehension workbook that I got a template from Teachers Pay Teachers that I liked with the intent to help him with reading comprehension.

So I worked all weekend creating this “reading comprehension workbook”, with vocabulary flash cards for some of the books we were going to be reading. We sat down at the table and wrote our “Ready, Do, Done” worksheet that helps him to plan out what is being expected of him for that lesson. I think that went really well.


But then the snag came! The moment of frustration for me when things did not go as planned!

I did the lesson to fast. I was pushing him too hard! It was not perfect like I had planned it out in my head.

Then I went back to my daily devotion and rethougt about what I could do to make that lesson better, more enjoyable for both of us where he will feel successful. 

Remember as parents a lot of us are not technically teachers and I know there are a lot of us that feel defeated, maybe even gave up on their child’s online learning. But remember this we are not expected to be perfect, just keep trying and doing the best we can. Our kids appreciate us not giving up on them and their education!


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